How to Make a Computer in Little Alchemy 1

Introduction to Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a delightful online game that provides players with a unique opportunity to exercise their creativity and imagination. In this game, players are tasked with combining various elements to create new objects and unlock different combinations. With a simple and intuitive interface, Little Alchemy offers hours of fun and exploration for players of all ages.

What is Little Alchemy 1?

Little Alchemy 1

Little Alchemy 1 is the original version of the game, which started the whole Little Alchemy series. It lays the foundation for the subsequent versions and provides players with a basic set of elements to combine and discover new items. The game begins with four primary elements: earth, air, fire, and water. As the players progress, they can unlock additional elements and use them to create more complex objects.

How to Make a Computer in Little Alchemy 1


In Little Alchemy 1, creating a computer is a fascinating process that involves combining multiple elements to achieve the desired result. Follow the steps below to make a computer in Little Alchemy 1:

1. Start with the Basic Elements:

Before attempting to make a computer, it is essential to have some fundamental elements in your inventory. Make sure you have acquired earth, air, fire, and water before proceeding with the combination.

2. Combine Electricity and Metal:

The next step is to combine electricity and metal. Electricity can be obtained by combining energy and air, while metal is created by combining fire and stone. Merge these two elements together to form the base for the computer.

3. Mix Energy and Metal:

Now that you have the base, add energy to the metal. Energy is created by combining air and fire. By merging energy with metal, you simulate the components needed to power the computer.

4. Combine Computer and Tool:

The last step requires you to combine the computer with a tool. The tool is an essential element in the game and can be obtained by combining metal and human. The resulting combination will give you a fully functional computer.

By following these steps, you have successfully created a computer in Little Alchemy 1. Feel free to explore other combinations and discover more exciting objects in the game.



Little Alchemy offers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience that stimulates creativity and logical thinking. Making a computer in Little Alchemy 1 is just one of the many exciting combinations players can discover in the game. With a vast range of elements and combinations available, the possibilities are endless. So, dive into the world of Little Alchemy and unleash your imagination as you create new objects by combining various elements.

Understanding the Basics

Understanding the Basics

To create a computer in Little Alchemy, you need to have a basic understanding of the elements and how they can be combined. Little Alchemy is a simple yet addictive game where you combine different elements to create new ones. In order to make a computer, you will need to combine multiple elements to reach your desired result. Here, we will guide you through the process of making a computer in Little Alchemy.

Combining Elements for the Computer

Combining Elements for the Computer

In order to create a computer in Little Alchemy, you will need to combine several different elements. The elements you will need include electricity, metal, and wire. By combining these elements, you will be able to successfully create a computer and continue exploring the game.

To start the process of creating a computer, you will first need to find and combine electricity with metal. Electricity can be found by combining energy and wire, or by combining lightning and metal. So, make sure you have these elements available in your game before proceeding. Once you have electricity and metal, you can move on to the next step.

Next, you will need to combine the electricity and metal to create a wire. To do this, simply click and drag the electricity element onto the metal element and release. This will produce a wire element in your game. The wire is an important component in creating the computer, as it will help connect all the necessary components together.

Once you have the wire, you will then need to combine it with the metal element once again. This time, you will combine the wire with metal to create the computer element. Again, simply click and drag the wire element onto the metal element and release. This action will result in the creation of the computer element in Little Alchemy.

Now that you have successfully combined all the necessary elements, you have created a computer in Little Alchemy! Congrats! You can now use the computer element to explore new combinations and discover even more exciting elements within the game.

Remember, the process of creating a computer may vary slightly depending on the version of Little Alchemy you are playing. However, the basic concept of combining electricity, metal, and wire remains the same.

Little Alchemy is a fun and addictive game that allows players to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create various elements. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new elements and combinations, providing endless hours of entertainment.

So, put on your virtual lab coat and get ready to combine elements to create a computer in Little Alchemy. Who knows what other amazing discoveries await you in the game?

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